Name Variations Edit

  • milk curd cheese

About Quark Edit

Wikipedia Article About Quark on Wikipedia

Quark is a type of fresh acid-set cheese of Central European origin. It is white and unaged, similar to cream cheese, pot cheese or ricotta. It is made by letting lactic acid bacteria (sometimes also rennet) ferment milk, with the resulting curd. Some or most of the whey is removed to standardise the quark to the desired thickness. Traditionally, this is done by hanging the cheese in loosely woven cotton gauze called cheesecloth, and letting the whey drip off, which gives quark its distinctive shape of a wedge with rounded edges. In industrial production, however, cheese is separated from whey in a centrifuge and later formed into blocks.

In the United States and Canada, quark is sometimes sold in plastic tubs with most or all of the whey. This type of quark has the texture of sour cream, and is often sold flavored with herbs, spices, or fruit.

Quark Recipes Edit

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