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I've been a lurker for awhile and have been following this topic with much interest. I have a Presto CHICKnFRYER low pressure fryer. It is a stove top unit, but being old-fashioned as I am stove tops are all I use. It is a 6 quart size and on the front of the receipe booklet it states that the regulator automatically maintains ideal LOW pressure for home frying. It is also for cokking veggies, meats & steamed desserts. I don't really know how old it is, but I bought it at a yard sale, still in it's original box and never used for $5.00. The date on the booklet is 1978 so there is no doubt that it is no longer manufactured. I don't use it much but it is really indispenable when I do need it. I want to thank everyone for all of the tips that I've gleaned from this list. Have a wonderful day all. EL

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