Poppyseed Chicken

Chicken Casserole With poppy seeds

This is an Easy And Good Way to Use Some Cooked Chicken

Serves 4

Cut The Chicken Into Bite-Sized Pieces, And Put it on The Bottom of a Casserole Dish Big Enough to Hold It.

Combine sour cream And Condensed Chicken Soup in a Pan, And Pour it Over The Chicken in an Even Layer.

in The Same Pan, (save Dishes!) Melt The butter, And Add Broken-Up Crackers And poppy seeds. Mix Together And Distribute Over The Chicken And Sauce.

Bake at About 325f or 160c For 20-30 Minutes—Until The Topping is Brown, The Sauce is Bubbling, And The Chicken is Hot.Open up Your Heart And Let The Sunshine In

==contributed by :== * Catsrecipes Y-Group

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