• 4 mackerels
  • 1 onion
  • 1 carrot
  • 20 g of butter
  • 25 cl of white wine
  • 50 cl of water
  • 20 cl of vinegar of hard cider


  1. Begin by raising the nets of mackerels of the 2 sides. Ebarbez lightly sides.
  2. Now, make swimming, that is to say the bouillon which is going to serve for poaching mackerels.
  3. Pick onions, then carrots (with a canneleur), give them a small decor. Put a little butter to be melted, incorporate onions and carrots, add a little salt. At the end of 2 - 3 minutes, incorporate the white wine, cook some minutes, then incorporate water (a half a litre) and cook during 10-15 minutes.
  4. During this time, put the mackerel in a spread with butter dish of baking. If mackerels are a bit big, cut again them in 2, before putting them in the dish. Dispose it in the dish, separated well, salt it and add pepper. Clean off.
  5. Pour very hot swimming over, by hitting in a light boiling, pour the vinegar of hard cider, over for made brew. Leave another 2 - 3 minutes of baking. Decorate with the dill. It is a dish which must be served lukewarm.

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