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Plum tomato

Plum tomato

Name Variations Edit

  • paste tomato
  • sauce tomato
  • Roma tomato
  • saladette tomato

About Sauce tomato Edit

Wikipedia Article About Plum tomato on Wikipedia

A plum tomato or paste tomato is a type of tomato bred for sauce and packing purposes. They are generally oval or rectangular in shape, with significantly fewer seed compartments than standard round tomatoes (usually only two) and a generally higher solid content, making them more suitable for processing. Plum tomatoes are also sometimes favored by cooks for use during the tomato off-season, as they are generally considered better for handling and are therefore closer to ripe than other supermarket tomatoes.

The most commonly available varieties are Roma VF (with a determinate or self-terminating vine) and San Marzano (semi-determinate; a signature tomato of Italian cuisine), though there are many other varieties. Small plum tomatoes (similar in size to cherry tomatoes) are known as grape tomatoes.

An oval, egg-shaped tomato with good flavor and thick flesh, which makes it a good tomato for sauces, cooking and canning. Since it has a lower water content, it produces a thick and flavorful sauce. It is approximately 3 inches long, an inch or two in diameter and is available as a red or yellow tomato. This tomato is also known as the Italian, Roma, paste, sauce, or saladette tomato.

Plum tomato Recipes Edit

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