Pink Champagne Punch With pineapple Sherbert

  • 4 Bottles Pink Champagne (4/5 Quart, Each) Chilled
  • 1 Quart Gingerale, Chilled
  • 1/2 Gallon pineapple Sherbert

strawberries, pineapple Slices, orange Slices, lemon Slices

  • 24 Pretty ice Cubes, Recipe Follows

At Serving Time, Pour Chilled Champagne And ginger ale in a Pretty Punch Bowl. Float Sherbert, Fruit And Pretty ice. Makes About 24 Servings.To Make Pretty ice: in Each Cube Section of an ice Tray, Place a strawberry (with The Green Stem) or a maraschino cherry, or 2 Small grapes. Fill The ice Cube Tray With ginger ale And Freeze Until Firm. Remove From Freezer at Serving Time.Don't be Misled by The Simplicity of This Recipe. This is a Beautiful Punch, Colorful And Exciting. it is The Essence of Simplicity to Prepare, But no One Will Know, Unless You Tell.Source: With Love From Darling's Kitchen

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