About Pickling salt Edit

Pickling salt is a salt that is used mainly for canning and manufacturing pickles. It is made without iodine or any anti-caking products added. Pickles made with table salt will have dark and cloudy juice, due to the iodide in the salt, although the flavor should be about the same. It is very fine grained, to dissolve in brines, so it is useful for any solution which needs salt.

A fine-grained salt that is very pure, which is produced without any additives such as iodine or anticaking chemicals. This salt is used for pickled meat dishes and for canning, because it prevents the brine from becoming cloudy in canned foods. Since it is a very fine and concentrated salt, it can be added lightly to foods to nicely enhance the flavor. It is also referred to as canning salt, and is available in all supermarkets.

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