Here is a list of Libyan Arabic spice names, ingredients and cooking terminology in English phonetics and their English translation.

Arabic English
tooma garlic
hilba fenugreek seeds
kamoon cumin
hubbug cilantro
fil fil aswad black pepper
millah salt
Cooking ingredients
mayer water
acell honey
gideed jerky
fil fil chili pepper and bell pepper
hameera yeast
khoobza bread sameen - fat (may also mean lard, shortening or butter depending on the recipe)
macaroni pasta
fool fava beans
baziliya green beans
Cooking terminology
hajeena dough
sharba soup (also refers to orzo noodles and Sharba Libya - a particular soup made with these)
asharbal soups
fil fil mashi stuffed peppers
macaroni pasta dishes

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