Philly Steak Sandwiches

salt And pepper

  • 6 new potatoes, Sliced Very Thin And Soaked in WaterVegetable oil For Frying

On a Griddle Heat The olive oil. Heat The vegetable oil For FryingIn a Large Skillet. When The oil is Hot, Add The onions AndPeppers. Season With salt And pepper. Saute The Vegetables For 2 To

  • 3 Minutes. Season The Steak With salt And pepper And Add to TheVegetables, Saute For 2 to 3 Minutes. Using a Spatula, Divide TheSauteed Mixture Into Fourths. Place Two Slice of Cheese on Top OfEach Fourth of Sauteed Mixture. Spread Both Halves of The bread WithMayonnaise.

Using a Spatula, Remove Each Fourth And Place on Each IndividualBun. Wrap Each Sandwich in Foil And Keep Warm. Lay The potatoes InThe Hot oil And Fry Until Golden Brown, About 3-4 Minutes. RemoveFrom The oil And Drain on Paper-Lined Plate. Season The Fries WithSalt And pepper. Make a Pocket Out of Foil For The Fries. Serve TheSteak Sandwiches And Fries Together.

  • 4 Sandwiches

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