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1. Pick over rice, and carefully remove any grit. Wash rice by placing it in large container, and cover with warm water. Agitate rice grains gently with hands, and pour off water. Repeat 5 times, or until rice is completely clean.

2. Combine rice, water, oil and salt in rice cooker. Gently stir with wooden spoon until salt has dissolved. Start rice cooker.

3. Cook for 40 minutes, but for rice with golden crust, continue to cook for another 50 minutes. Pour saffron water over rice, and unplug rice cooker.

4. Allow rice to cool for 5 minutes without uncovering cooker. Remove cover, and place large serving platter on top of cooker. Hold cooker and platter firmly

together, and turn over quickly to unmold. Garnish with edible flowers, and serve.

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