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Pajeon (pan-fried green onion and seafood)

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  1. Trim the small green onions and scallions and cut them into 4-inch lengths.
  2. Wash oysters, clams, and hard-shelled mussels in brine (5 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of salt) and drain on a wicker tray.
  3. Slice oysters, clams, and hard-shelled mussels.
  4. Beat "A" with a whisk into a light batter and mix half the chopped seafood in the batter.
  5. Place the green onions and scallions parallel in an oiled pan at a low heat and ladle a scoop of the batter onto them.
  6. After the patty cooks slightly, sprinkle the sea food and spread a little bit of batter again on the top.
  7. Turn the patty and fry until each side becomes appetizingly yellowish brown.
  8. Serve the pan-fried green onion and sea food with vinegar soy sauce mixed with "B".

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