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Oysters Meltzerenfuego

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Description Edit

This came from Playa Juncalito in Baja California Sur.

Ingredients Edit

  • 12 oysters
  • fresh-minced garlic (mince it yourself)

Directions Edit

  • Prepare a small, safety-first fire.
  • Toss oysters in the fire.
  • Naturally, you will put them in a place where you can get them later so when they start to pop open you can pull them out of the fire and place some of the herbs/butter/salt/pepper/garlic mixture (which has already been combined and heating in a pot in the fire) inside the oyster.
  • Place them back in the fire until the mixture begins to boil in the shell.
  • Remove and eat as soon as possible.
  • Whoa. So good.

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