Description Edit

Chicken braised with coconut milk. The look of this recipe is similar to curry but actually different, although it also use many spices. Eaten with rice or lontong or ketupat.

Note: The term sautee is actually not sautéing. It is something similar to sautéing but with higher temperature.

Ingredients Edit

Ground spices Edit

All these ingredients are ground using cobek batu (stone pestle).

Directions Edit

  1. Sauté all grounded spices until the smell is good, put citronella grass, bay leaf, orange leaf, and galangal.
  2. Put the chicken.
  3. Stir until the chicken mixes well with the spices.
  4. Add thin coconut milk, cook until the chicken is tender.
  5. Add thick coconut milk, stir so that the coconut milk do not break away.
  6. Cook until boiled.

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