Description Edit

Cook Time: No Time

Serves: unlimited

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. If you are so lucky to own a blender, pour the oil in it.
  2. Add more than 3 fillets if you like it salty.
  3. Add 5 big or 12 small capers.
  4. Squeeze half a lemon or a lime.
  5. Remember to push the start button.
  6. Serve on: any salad, cooked vegetables, meats or place it in the middle of the table as dip!
  7. Give a couple of seconds to alloy and start eating.

My way Edit

  1. I do take a bowl and pour the oil in it.
  2. Than i start cutting all the things I'm mentioning above, slowly.
  3. Of course tiny bits.
  4. After several hours, my appetite is at maximum.
  5. I'll start eating without giving the time to alloy.

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