Directions Edit

  1. Boil the water and add to it the chicken, the pimento grains, the soup greens, the laurier leaf and the onion (cut small).
  2. Boil for about one hour and afterwards take the chicken out of the bouillon.
  3. Put the tania leaves in the bouillon and cook it for 10 (ten) minutes.
  4. Now take the tania leaves out of the bouillon and mash it into a a smooth paste.
  5. The cooked chicken should be baked in butter, just like the dried shrimp and pieces of tomato and then added to the bouillon.
  6. Add the bouillon cubes, black - and fresh pepper to the bouillon.
  7. Wash the okra and cut of the ends and in round slices.
  8. Introduce the okra to the soup only when the antrua have cooked soft.
  9. Let the soup cook for some minutes more and add the tania leaves in the five remaining minutes.
  10. Stir the soup until it turns entirely green.
  11. Crab or crab meat can also be added to make the soup even more delightful.
  12. This can be added at the last ten minutes of cooking time.

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