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Description Edit

A nice old fashioned mulberry munchies.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. You can use this recipe for any low pectin fruit eg.
  2. Saskatoons, blueberry, elderberry, raspberry, blackberry or May-Apple.
  3. Cook 1 1/2 cups of RIPE mulberries[unripe fruit is toxic- see about Red mulberry], mash and drain through a fine sieve or jelly bag to obtain the juice: about 2/3 cup yield.
  4. Mix juice with Sugar and butter and cook over low heat until Sugar dissolves.
  5. bring to a boil on medium and boil WITHOUT stirring until soft-ball candy stage- 240 Deg F.
  6. Remove from heat; cool until lukewarm and beat with a wooden spoon until mixture looses its gloss.
  7. Press into a buttered pan and cut into squares before the candy hardens.
  8. Keep in a tightly covered dish or freeze because this candy hardens when exposed to the air.

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