Description Edit

For 12 people

Ingredients Edit

Stuffing Edit

  • 8 pigeons (or 1 chicken)

Pastry Edit

  • 1 kg of large sheets of phyllo
  • 150 g of butter
  • 2 beaten eggs

Directions Edit

Stuffing Edit

  1. To place the pigeons in the casserole with parsley, onion, butter, salt, pepper, the saffron, the cinnamon and a little sugar.
  2. To cook with soft fire and add a little water as necessary.
  3. Remove the pigeons when they are cooked and to let the sauce reduce while stirring until the liquid disappears.
  4. Remove the bones from the pigeons and place in a salad bowl, mix almonds with the sugar in another salad bowl.
  5. Cut hard-boiled eggs in small pieces in a third salad bowl.

Pastry Edit

  1. Butter the mould (large tart plate) then lay out a first layer of sheets (smooth face down) making them overlap and letting them overflow by ⅓ outside the circle.
  2. Add some phyllo sheets in the center to consolidate.
  3. Spread out a layer of sauce, to pose pieces of pigeons above, powders with sweetened almonds and egg crumbs.
  4. Cover with sheets.
  5. Start the operation again until there is no more of the Stuffing .
  6. Fold the sheets which extend outside the mould back over, stick them together with back over beaten egg then cover sheets again (smooth face up) overlapping and overflowing outside.
  7. Slip these sheets by lower part as a bed is bordered.
  8. Wash of softened butter and to gild with egg.
  9. Cook with average heat (ht 4) during 20 minutes.
  10. Turn the pastry out onto a large dish, introduce a few pieces of butter below without breaking it and gild a few minutes.
  11. Gently slip the pastry onto a serving dish, decorate it with sugar swirl icing and cinnamon and serve it with sugar icing on saucers.

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