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About Mizithra cheese Edit

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Mizithra (Greek: Μυζήθρα, feminine gender) is a traditional, unpasteurized cheese, made from sheep's and/or goat's whey with the addition of milk. The cheese is soft, snow-white, unguent - like and granulated, its flavor is similar to Ricotta Salata.

It has various sizes and its shape is usually truncated cone. It is available in a fresh and soft state, either sweet (Mizithra) or sour (Xynomizithra). Also, aged and hard (Anthotyros). It is eaten as dessert with honey, or as mezes with olives and tomato.

It is considered the ancestor of all whey cheeses. In the early years, balls of Mizithra would be hung in small sheets of muslin in trees to dry in the sea air.

Mizithra cheese Recipes Edit

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