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Microwave hot air nfa popcorn

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Description Edit

Ingredients Edit

  • - microwave
  • - small-to-medium size paper
  • sack (heavier brown sacks
  • heavier than
  • the bulk brown paper lunch
  • bags, seems to work the
  • best, they seem to
  • be the "right weight".
  • - orville redenbacher's hot
  • air popcorn (this seems to
  • work the
  • best for me).

Directions Edit

Put some kernels into bag, and put bag into microwave. (i fold the open end over once). As microwaves seem to very greatly, i won"t recommend temps or times; i usually have to experiment a little with every "new" microwave that i encounter. I"d probably start with the temp that you"d use for regular microwave popcorn. Of course, time is influenced by the amt of popcorn kernels. I hover around the microwave until the rate of popping slows down. I then remove and enjoy! (i like it unadorned). I"m willing to put up with the occasional bag with a lot of unpopped kernels as i much prefer this to the alternative. I can keep paper sacks and popcorn in my desk easily enough. I started doing it this way several years ago, but recently i"ve had two different people comment on this, so i was inspired to pass it on (as i"m munching and typing ;-)

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