Name Variations Edit

  • mescal

About Mezcal Edit

Wikipedia Article About Mezcal on Wikipedia

Called the nectar of the (Aztec) gods by Cortez, mezcal is a liquor distilled from agave. It has a bitter-almond flavor and is often sold with an agave worm in the bottle.

Mezcal is a Mexican distilled spirit made from the agave plant. There are many different types of agaves, and each produces a slightly different mezcal. Agave is part of the Agavaceae family, also called maguey. While Tequila is a mezcal made only from the blue agave plant in the region around Tequila, Jalisco, spirits labeled "Mezcal" are made from other agave plants and are not part of the Tequila family.

Mezcal Recipes Edit

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