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  • Hi there Ari! I thought that like what I did with the Inkheart Book Cooks menu, I'd send in the request way early so there's time for preparation? I'm hoping to have 2, one for w:c:ruby-red:Ruby Red trilogy (check out w:c:ruby-red:Editions and cover arts for international covers I've compiled so far) and w:c:lockwood-and-co:Lockwood & Co. Wikia.

    For Ruby Red trilogy, its final film adaptation is premiering in late June in Germany but as usual it's not just German fans that are anticipating it. I'll come up with more concrete list some time early next year.

    For Lockwood & Co., the 4th book (title tba) is supposed to come out next year. However, I already got more than 5 items to choose from based on the first 3 books. (All 3 of them made it as nominees for Best Middle Grade & Children's on Goodreads Choice Awards since 2013 onwards). I've talked to some relatively active Wikians about merging all wikis about this series and focus on reviving w:c:lockwood-and-co. Anyhow, here goes:

    1. Berlin Doughnuts aka "fat jam doughnuts"
    2. Swiss roll
    3. Chocolate Flapjacks
    4. Wikipedia:Leibniz-Keks aka "Choco Leibniz biscuit"
    5. Parma ham
    6. Sausage Rolls
    7. Scotch Eggs
    8. Tuna Sandwich Melts
    9. Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Fudge Icing
    10. walnut, raisin, and goat cheese salad

    There's def. a lot more, such as the usual bacon and eggs, tea and coffee etc.

    Because there's a possibility of a 5th book, I thought perhaps some can even be saved for a potential second menu, if more details are revealed later. Anyways. Hope you can consider those? Like I said, not in a hurry at all. =D

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    • I'll try to come up with something (like actual good written stuff), and if it does happen, I'll let you know by the end of this week? Is it possible for you to help find a salad on this wiki that is close to having the components though?

      P.S.: Thanks for the B-crat status!

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    • the was can be the did you

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  • your acting like mabel juice supporters didn't do that either


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  • "'Fallout fans didn't cheat.'

    Yes they did

    Multiple times


    Even in entire comment chains

    Even though they had no need or reason to. People fucking openly admitted to cheating, it's there, in text."

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  • Hi Ari! First of all, good grief with all those people who have absolute no sportsmanship! The two fantasy food I support lost in the very first round (didn't even get their images into the brackets), and some of the fantasy food I nominated didn't even make it into the top 64, and I live my life just fine. Why can't some people simply understand the Chinese saying 人外有人,天外有天? Star Wars, Star Trek, LotR, HP... etc. Those fandoms have LONGER histories and have MORE MASSIVE Wikia communities; their items lost, and they took their defeat with grace. At this point I'm almost thinking that those who complained aren't actual fans of what they claimed to stand up for, but are people impersonating as such to make those real fans look bad; cuz honestly, why display such a disgusting manner that'd only paint the fandom you love in an ugly color? Being fierce and committed is one thing, but being outright rude and doing personal attack for no reason is another. I'm writing all this to you cuz I myself felt offended when an anon had a gall to leave a comment on our previous post, which has nothing to do with the BotFF. Really hope those people will learn to GET A LIFE and bother someone else if they must. And I sincerely hope that despite so many incidents of unpleasantness, Wikia would continue this event next year, cuz really, it is a fun event overall, if not for all the sour people who flipped when things don't go their way. You are one of the best Wikia Staff their is imo, and I don't care if those anons disagree with me. Hope the harassments on your wall can stop soon.

    Now, to the real topic. Is the content on Recipes Wiki:Adopt-A-Wikia up to date and reliable? Cuz I was curious and I tried Special:Support like what the page said, and as you can see, the special page is not found. I'm asking this not because I'm actually interested in adopting any of the listed wikis, but rather, I'm curious about this "adoption method" and the specific sentence "we will help push your admin request along!". If this page is outdated and all intended adoption must file through regular request at Community Central, please let me know (and it'll probably be better if the page is also updated)! But if special circumstances do still apply, please also let me know! Thank you!

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    • Hmmm I think it will depend on the case. If the wiki is totally abandoned, then it should be pretty easy to give them admin rights. BUT if there is an admin that has been active in the last year, they will also have to go through Community Support.

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    • we call we see

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  • despite how mad i am that greedy milk lost, i hate how people are shaming asnow89

    "you sicken me"


    sure, let's say that because we lost a food competition that will 'change your life forever'

    it's not like people have feelings or anything

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  • Despite continued claims of cheating, I have seen no unusual activity. With other rounds, vote count would jump ludicrous amounts in a short time and occasionally thirty votes were made per refresh. I am satisfied with the new poll system and hope it will be used next year. Various people below seem to think the time of the polls closing was unfair. Contrary to what they claim, Mabel Juice numbers were climbing slowly but steadily while few new votes were made for the other thing. Mabel Juice had been ahead for at least half an hour intermittently before closing. An extension made perfect sense at this time of near-equality. I hope you are not troubled by these allegations which do not represent the views of most participants. Thank you.

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    • Thanks for reaching out! That's really nice of you to say. I agree- the new poll software is a lot better. We learn something new every year that we do this tournament! And yea don't worry :D Mabel juice was in the lead from the very first time I checked the polls... no matter what, it would've gone on to the next round! Unfortunately we can't make everyone happy, but at least a majority of the users are still enjoying the tournament :)!

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    • Faceted Chrysolite wrote:
      Despite continued claims of cheating, I have seen no unusual activity. With other rounds, vote count would jump ludicrous amounts in a short time and occasionally thirty votes were made per refresh. I am satisfied with the new poll system and hope it will be used next year. Various people below seem to think the time of the polls closing was unfair. Contrary to what they claim, Mabel Juice numbers were climbing slowly but steadily while few new votes were made for the other thing. Mabel Juice had been ahead for at least half an hour intermittently before closing. An extension made perfect sense at this time of near-equality. I hope you are not troubled by these allegations which do not represent the views of most participants. Thank you.

      It was badly managed though, what's the point of having a competition like this if there are no finish set times? I trust that it was a mistake, but they could have picked the winner aswell.

      The new poll software is not much better, sure is better than the last one but a simple captcha is not going to stop the bot cheating. Please look for a better software for next year.

      Also, all (or almost all) the other polls lasted a week, why did this get to last a week and 46 minutes? Those 46 minutes is what gave them the chance to win since they only had more votes over Greedy Milk in the last half hour before it finished.

      I think that people getting angry is completely justified and reasonable even though most are just insults. Doing nothing about the mistakes made doesn't help.

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    • Where did you get the 9am end time though? Didn't you read that she said that every round ended around 10am?  So technically, the extra 46 minutes doesn't make any sense. Mabel Juice would've won whether the contest ended at 9:46am or at 10:00am. People are really getting themselves upset over nothing. Why take it out on the mod too? Why would she care sooo much that Gravity Falls wins? Alex Hirsch tweeted out the contest the night before, which explains the jump in votes. The mod didn't do that. Everyone just needs to calm down a bit!

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    • We are calm but we're not deluded. 9.46am doesn't seem like an unnatural time for you for the voting to end? Especially when Mabel Juice only won by 0.02% Wake up people or keep floating around your imaginary wonderland.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Please tell us what time all of the other polls in this entire contest closed. If infact nothing underhanded to took place then it should be easy to see. Also please tell us what the vote count was in the Mabel Juice vs Greedy Milk vote at the time at which the other polls were closed. 

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    • This reply has been removed
    • What is your problem? Can't you see that she answered all of your questions in other comments? Maybe you should stop picking on people and just enjoy the tournament because it was meant to be a FUN thing, not something where people freak out after every round. You are being sore losers... it's kind of embarrassing honestly, like seriously- get a life!

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    • It's not about getting a life. It's about integrity. Which these people here clearly do not have and don't even deserve to mention Greedy Milk by name let alone try to make a live version.

      She answered the comments with a vague apology about doing something to future contests. What about the contest between Mable Juice and Greedy Milk they f'ed up? The only fair thing would be to reopen the competition but obviously they are beyond that. They are beyond reproach.

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  • I am very dissappointed in how this round was given an extra 46 minutes with no warning and then closed when Mabel Juice had 0.04% advantage over Greedy Milk. How is this fair? You invite people to come and vote for these things allowing them to think they have a hand in the outcome and then extend the voting period and hand pick a winner by "closing the poll" which isnt even closed as of 1:48PM EST. Do you see the amount of people crying foul on the comment section? This is unfair. Maybe it was unintentional but why did this contest run longer and why close it with such a controversial difference in votes. I say Greedy Milk should be awarded the win by default. 

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  • (the votes may be higher when you check)

    As of now, Nuka-Cola has 52,970 votes, Cookie Cat has 44,567 votes, Greedy Milk has 26,016 votes, and Mabel Juice has 23,999 votes.

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  • Hey there! Because the previous threads are getting a bit long, I decided to continue the conversation in a new one so it's not in separate places.

    Since the Septimus Heap Wiki is close to getting a new active admin (currently still waiting for the adoption request to go through), the to-be-admin and myself are most likely continuing to update and reform the wiki; we'd def. want a book cooks blog around mid-Octobor for celebrating the release of SandRider (October 13). We are still working on List of food and drinks in the series, but because there is actually so many food and drinks mentioned, it'd be easier than trying to come up something to represent something else (like how I kind of struggled with Inkheart). We should be able to narrow our picks and present them to you around mid-September!

    As for a Peter Pan book cooks blog to celebrate the premiere of Pan (October 9), a blog published at the end of September or the beginning of October would be nice! This one I actually have almost everything readied, thanks to Bryton, the blogger I told you about! Speaking of which, both the video of the recipe is now on her YT channel, and the written recipe is now on her site! I am simply sharing it to you as a fellow food lover, hope you understand that she DOES NOT want her stuff copied onto this wiki, so, if choosing to use this dish, hope the treatment can be like some of the Outlander dishes where you directly link the recipe from the sites they originated from! =D Anyways, back to the topic, thanks to Bryt's written material (before I wasn't so sure when I only heard it audibly), breadfruit and mamey sapote also appears in the books! And also according to this blog, I got some more insight. I've used keywords and search on this wiki...So for the menu we can have:

    1. Breadfruit Salad (representing breadfruit)
    2. Yam Stew (representing "Stodgy" Yam Stew; I think only the "Stodgy" part is actually from the literature, and not the yam or the stew, that's the second blog's personal interpretation, but we do have a yam stew recipe, so I've placed it. Can be replaced with other recipes that's deemed more suitable for "Stodgy")
    3. Mamey with Rum Zabaglione Topping (representing mamey sapote)
    4. Coconut mud cake with green lime sugar (representing Hook's rich damp cake)
    5. A choice of drink that's well-liked by children (representing Poe Poe, a fictional drink)

    Let me know what you think!!!

    Best regards,
    Sammm✦✧(talk) 22:30, August 31, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Okay! Thanks for the update!!! On the same topic, can you delete just to prevent the image to accidentally be found and used somewhere else?

      I will comment about the Breadfruit recipes soon!

      Can this menu also get a Tumblr post like the rest? xDD Along with a Tweet from @WikiaYABooks to @brytontaylor? I'm unaware if the Bookshub or Recipes Wiki has their own official twitter, and I know it'll initially seem odd if YA tweeted for a book that's generally seen as children's book; but I feel that Peter Pan has some deeper (and way sadder) content within, so I think it can still pass. I actually thought the menu would be a part of the Book Cooks since the movie it's celebrating is based on a well-known book, but it should be fine?


      1. I only just realized that the item "Hot Buttered Rum Drink" is formatted differently from the rest; the others have the title of the food, description, and then the image/video, while "Hot Buttered Rum Drink" has the image and description last; is it possible to change it to match up the rest to make the piece more cohesive?
      2. For the description about Bryt's cake, there's a page (although stub) for "Lost Boys", it is set up as a redirect for "The Lost Boys"; so both [[Lost Boys]] or [[The Lost Boys|Lost Boys]] should work!

      Thanks! xoxo

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    • All done :)! I'll ask about the @WikiaYAbooks twitter if they're ok with Peter Pan being on it evne though it's a children's book. Tumblr is posted!

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