Scientific Name of Plant Edit

  • Mespilus germanica

Description Edit

This fruit is eaten fresh picked or made into jelly, wine, pies, tarts, chutney, etc. Before it can be eaten, the fruit must be bletted (ripened until very soft, but not rotten - something like persimmons) so that the acids and tannins are broken down. It has a gritty, mushy texture but a delicious flavor. Something like a spiced apple sauce with a wine overtone.

The African Medlar (Vangueria infausta) is a traditional food plant in Africa, but this little-known fruit has the potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable landcare

Origin and History Edit

A two inch fruit, originated in the Middle East, resembling a brown crabapple with a jester's hat at the blossom end.

Medlar Recipes Edit

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