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Name Variations Edit

  • manty
  • mantu
  • mantou
  • manties

About Manti Edit

Manti (Turkish: mantı; Kazakh: мәнті, pronounced [mæntɘ́]; Kyrgyz: манты, [mɑntɯ́]; Uzbek: manti, [mantɨ́]; Persian: منتو), are a type of stuffed pasta or dumpling in Turkish and various Central Asian and Caucasian cuisines, closely related to the east Asian mantou, baozi, and mandu. Manti dumplings consist of a spiced meat mixture, usually lamb or ground beef, in a dough wrapper, either boiled or steamed. 'Manti' indicates either singular or plural.

A Turkish pasta made of a small square of pasta with a meat filling added, which then has all four corners gathered together forming a ball. Famous in the region of Kayseri where it is served in a garlic perfumed thick ayran and topped with a red sauce.

Sometimes also called Dolma Manti, it has become a world famous and is even available in Dubai Turkish restaurants

Manti Recipes Edit

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