luxury chocolate Ring

Serves 8.

Mixed Fruits & Grated chocolate to Serve

Put egg Yolks And sugar in a Bowl And Beat Until Thick And Pale in Color.Sprinkle gelatin Over 4 Tablespoon water in a Small Saucepan.Grate chocolate.

Put milk And chocolate in a Saucepan And Slowly Bring to The Boil.Pour Over Whisked egg Yolks And Mix.

Return to Pan And Heat, Stirring Continuously Until Custard is Thick Enough ToCoat The Back of The Spoon. do Not Boil.

Strain Custard Into a Bowl And Leave to Cool. Heat gelatin Gently to Dissolve.Stir Into Custard And Leave Until Cold.

Whip Cream Until it Forms Soft Peaks. Whisk egg Whites Until Stiff. FoldChocolate Custard And rum Into Cream, Then Fold in egg Whites.Turn Into an Oiled 2 Pint Ring Mould And Chill Until Set.Turn Out And Fill Centre With Fruits And chocolate.


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