I'm Looking For Ones That Are Not Low Fat, But i Can't Find a Recipe. Immigrant?

Lower-Fat Blini

Categories: Breads

Yield: 24 Servings

apple juice (98 to 110 -Degrees)


Fillings; (see Note)

Combine yeast, Warm water And Honey in Large Bowl. StirWell. Cover Bowl With Clean Towel And Let Stand in WarmPlace 5 to 10 Minutes, or Until yeast Foams.

In Separate Bowl, Whisk Together flour, milk, salt And EggYolks. Add yeast Mixture. Stir Well. Cover Bowl With CleanTowel And Let Batter Rise in Warm Place 1 Hour.

Beat egg Whites in Clean Bowl Until Soft Peaks Form. InAnother Bowl, Whip Chilled evaporated milk With ElectricBeater Until Thick Like whipped cream. Fold Into EggWhites. Fold egg-White Mixture Into Batter.

Heat 10-Inch Nonstick Griddle or Skillet Until Drop OfWater Sizzles When Flicked Onto Surface. Cook Thin PancakesOn Hot Griddle, Flipping Once. Stack on Paper Towels. OfferWith Fillings of Choice. Makes About 24.

Note: One Envelope Contains About 2 1/2 Teaspoons yeast.

Possible Blini Fillings Include: Sliced Mushrooms Saut?edIn Dry sherry Until Golden; Fruit-Flavored Low-Fat yogurt;Fresh Fruit Jams; Sliced Fresh Fruit; Part-Skim RicottaCheese Sweetened With Honey, brown sugar or Pure MapleSyrup.

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