linguine With Sicilian tuna Marinara

  • 3 T. (three Times Around The Pan) Extra Virgin olive oil
  • 4 cloves garlic, Minced

A Couple Shake Crushed red pepper flakes

In a Deep Skillet, Heat olive oil, garlic And crushed red pepper Over Medium Heat Until garlic Speaks. Add tuna Meat And Saut? Until tuna is Completely Flaked And Warm Through. When The Bottom of The Pan is Covered With Nice Fishy mush, Add Crushed tomatoes And The Chopped parsley. Heat Through And Reduce Heat to Low Until Pasta is Cooked And Drained. Dump Cooked linguine Into The Pan And Toss Thoroughly With Sauce. Turn Out Onto a Serving Dish or Serve Right From The Hot Pan With Crust bread And a Green Salad. Serves 4

Source: Rachel Ray

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