lime Sponge Pudding

Yield: 4 Servings

Stir Together The flour, sugar And salt in a Small Bowl And Set Aside. in aLarge Bowl Combine The lime juice, milk, egg Yolks, And lime Zest, StirringTo Combine Thoroughly. Add The Dry Ingredients to The Wet Ingredients AndStir to Form a Smooth, Liquid Batter. Stir in The Melted butter. Beat TheEgg Whites Until Stiff But Not Dry. Gently Fold The Beaten egg Whites IntoThe Batter Until Thoroughly Combined. Pour The Batter Into a ButteredBaking Dish. Place This Baking Dish Inside a Larger Baking Dish, And AddHot water to The Larger Dish Until it Reaches One Inch (2.5 Cm) up The SideOf The Smaller Baking Dish. Bake in a Pre-Heated 350f (180c) Oven For About

  • 40 Minutes, Until The Top Has Set And is Golden Brown. Serve Hot, Chilled,Or at Room Temperature.

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