This is a kind and juicy joint which can be cooked in a diversity of ways. Whole shoulder of lamb can be roasted, braised or stewed with root vegetables, stock, wine or cider and herbs and spices. Boneless shoulder can be cubed for stews, kebabs and pies and it can also be made into mince .Lamb shoulder square cut whole is a square-shaped cut containing arm, blade, and rib bones. The thin, paper like outside covering is called fell. This cut is usually prepared by roasting. Lamb shoulder blade chops are cut from the blade portion of shoulder and contain part of the blade bone and backbone. They are usually prepared by braising, broiling, griddling, pan broiling, or pan frying. Lamb shoulder arm chops are cut from the arm portion of shoulder and contain cross-sections of round arm bone and rib bones. They are usually prepared by braising, broiling, griddling, or pan-broiling. Lamb shoulder neck slices are cross-cuts of the neck portion containing small round bone. Lean meat is interspersed with connective tissue. Neck slices are typically prepared by braising with a toast of vegetables.

Only a few steps are required for boning and preparing a lamb shoulder of lamb, which makes it a relatively easy task for the home cook, however most butchers will do this for consumers who are not comfortable with attempting this at home. A lamb shoulder of lamb that has been de boned is often cut in half to separate the sirloin and shank ends of the lamb shoulder. The halves can be rolled and tied and sold as compact roasts. The boned lamb shoulder should be placed with the fat side down. You can cut a lamb shoulder by using a sharp knife, cut into the cavity, formed by the elimination of the bones. Do not cut all the way through the meat. Excess fat and connective tissue should be trimmed. Spread out the lamb shoulder as flat as possible and cut into the thickest areas, but do not cut all the way through the meat. This will result in the boned lamb shoulder becoming flatter, with a more uniform thickness throughout. Skewers can be inserted through the meat to help keep it flat, resulting in meat that is more evenly cooked but especially when griddling. Lamb shoulder contains the sirloin section with hip bone and the shank portion with round bone. The outside is covered with fell, a thin, and paper like covering. It is usually prepared by roasting.

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