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Lamb pandsay

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Cut one Onion and place it into a food processor. Now add chilies, coriander seeds, garlic, salt, whole black pepper, cumin seeds, piece of cinnamon and cloves. Grind and mix it well with the Onion to make a paste. Peel the other Onion and cut it into rings. Now fry Onion rings in ghee or vegetable oil until light brown. Take the Onion rings out of ghee or oil and add the Onion paste. Stir/fry it until the ghee or oil comes out (or at least ten minutes). Now add meat and yogurt and fry it for a further ten minutes. Add 1 pint of hot water, and let it cook for twenty minutes. Add fried Onion rings, chopped green coriander and let it cook for five minutes in a covered pan.
Serve with rice and Tarka dal

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