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Ingredients Edit

Dough Edit

Tuzduk (gravy) Edit

Directions Edit

Dough Edit

  1. The made dough is thinly rolled, then rolled up and cut in thin strips 4–5 mm thick.
  2. They are boiled in boiling salt water, taken out, washed in cold water, then the water is left to trickle down.

Tuzduk (gravy) Edit

  1. The meat and fat of tail are cut in small pieces, potatoes - in small cubes, carrots, radish, cabbage and the Bulgarian pepper - in thin slices, onion - in rings, tomatoes - in gloves, garlic is chopped.
  2. In melted fat onion is stewed, then meat is added and fried until juice begins to isolate.
  3. garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, pepper and carrots are added.
  4. All this is thoroughly mixed and fried to half-readiness.
  5. Then water is poured in, salt, pepper, radish and cabbage are added and the whole of this is stewed on slow fire to full readiness.
  6. Before serving the table the noodles are warmed thoroughly in boiling water, laid out in a layer on a plate and poured over with gravy; the liquid soaks through the noodles, the meat and greens form a peculiar layer; all this can be repeated.
  7. Lagman can be served on a large plate.

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