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Deep fried ragout rolls covered with bread crumbs. Similar in taste and structure to Bitterballen, but larger. Used as a snack or as a lunch time course. Often served on a buttered slice of bread or a bread roll.

Comes in many varieties, including

Meat - Vleeskroket  (might contain pork or beef or a combination. Brown Ragout
Beef - Runderkroket - Brown Ragout
Veal - Kalfskroket - white ragout
Chicken- Kipkroket - Brown or white ragout
Lamb - Lamskroket - Brown or white ragout
Shrimps - Garnalenkroket - White ragout
Vegetarian - Groentenkroket - Brown or white ragout

The ragout sometimes has a specific flavour, o.a.

Goulashkroket - A kroket filled with the Dutch version of a Hungarian Goulash (Pörkult)
Sate - based on the peanut sauce served with Indonesian Sate

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