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Kombucha is the Western name for a fermentation of sweetened tea using lactobacilli and yeast cultures. In Russia, Kombucha culture is used to make a popular fermented beverage.

  • Type - Medicinal Tea
  • Origin - N/A

Basic Recepie Edit

  • Natural or processed source of ferment-able sugars (White sugar, Turbinado Sugar*, maple syrup*, Agave syrup*, molasses*, Etc.)
  • water
  • Tea (black green or white, oil-less teas (Camellia sinensis) are recommended. if you try other things such as herbs please do so cautiously and with a extra culture. some plants may damage the culture or create unpleasant flavors or toxic teas. if in doubt, go tea)
  • kombucha culture
  • about 1/4 cup of previous tea, or white vinegar (for balancing the ph level)

equipment Edit

  • pot to boil water
  • glass jar large enough to hold desired amount and that can be cleaned (1 gallon reccomended)
  • cloth to cover jar top (lets air in and keeps bugs out)
  • string, rubber band, or elastic band to secure the cloth

Ratios will be based on personal taste and preference. starting with 1/4 cup sugar to 1 quart (4cups) of water is a good place to start.

Brewing Edit

  • prepare the tea as you would for drinking; Boiling water poured over leafs (unsure about cold brew tea)
  • remove the leafs or bags from the tea
  • add sugar and dissolve fully
  • allow the tea to cool to room temperature
  • add the culture and previous tea
  • cover with cloth
  • secure cloth
  • keep in a warm (80 degrees F) location with partial light (unsure if light effects it, but common rule with fermentations)

leave for 5 days or more (upwards of a month) taste with a clean spoon every 5 or so days. when it tastes good to you remove culture, store in a extra jar until next batch.

ingredents with a * are unverified but theoretical materals if you test please remove the * and leave a note about found effects, flavors or posable dangers. thank you.

Ingredient flavour lists Edit

please add your observations

Agave syrup: a peppery flavour. seems to ferment well. safe and tasty.

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