Ingredients very similar to the Greek loukoumades Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Coating: 1 and ½ lb sugar 1 pint water.
  2. Mix the yeast with a little sugar, then add the mixed dry ingredients.
  3. Beat the eggs and add to the mixture.
  4. Knead all together and leave to stand for 1 hour.
  5. Roll out and cut into rectangles.
  6. Cut 2 slits down the length (1/4 inch from top)
  7. Plait 3 strips and press ends firmly into each other
  8. Fry in deep fat.
  9. When cooked, DIP into a syrup (don't leave in syrup) made from the 1 and ½ lb sugar and water boiled together with a little more cinnamon for taste.

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