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Description Edit

Ingredients Edit

  • 1 each Fatfree flour tortillas or Armenian flat bread
  • 1 each Fatfree luncheon slices (veggie ones available at Health food stores)
  • 1 each Fatfree cream cheese and/or Fatfree mayo and/or mustard
  • 1 each lettuce and/or sprouts
  • 1 each tomato slices
  • 1 each Pickled or fresh pepper
  • Slices

Directions Edit

1 Spread a dressing on the tortilla, top with you favorite toppings, not too thick or it won"t roll. 2 Roll up, wrap and take to lunch. 3 Or, roll up a bunch, then carefully slice about 1 ½ inch thick, place on a lettuce lined platter and serve as party food. 4 Sweet version—tortilla, ff cream cheese, and jam or fruit butter.

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