Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Prepare the fish by cutting them open from top of the head to the tail not to exceeding the stomach, the aim is to have the inner sides exposed,.
  2. Then clean the fish with warm water to rid of all the stomach contents.
  3. Then mix the bread flour with your water in a sizable bowl until the mixture is a fine paste, then add your salt, chill powder fresh lemon juice and crushed garlic to the paste.
  4. Then dip your fish into the paste mixture let it stand for about 20 minutes in order to marinade.
  5. Heat up your cooking oil in a dip frying pan until the right temperature is reached.
  6. Then with clean hands fish from the bowl roll them in the mixture in order to maximize on the volume of the paste on the fish then fry them in the hot oil until crispy brown.

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