About Kamut Edit

The name kamut comes from the ancient Egyptian word for wheat. Considered by some to be the great great grandfather of grains, kamut is a variety of high-protein wheat that has never been hybridized. Kamut's kernels are two to three times the size of most wheat. Not only does this grain have a deliciously nutty flavor, but it also has a higher nutritional value than its modern-day counterparts. In the United States, kamut is available only in processed foods. It's used mainly for pastas, puffed cereal and crackers.

Kamut or Kamoot is a proprietary hard wheat grain patented by Kamut international of USA, is said to have originated from grains taken from a box in an Egyptian tomb - this claim doubted by many. It is veru delicious availble in supermarkets.

Kamut Recipes Edit

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