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Name Variations Edit

  • quick yeast
  • rapid rise active dry yeast
  • quick rise active dry yeast
  • fast-rising active dry yeast
  • fast rising yeast

About Instant yeast Edit

This very active strain of yeast allows you to make bread with only one rise. The trade-off is that some flavor is sacrificed, though this doesn't matter much if the bread is sweetened or heavily flavored with other ingredients. Unlike ordinary active dry yeast, instant yeast doesn't need to be dissolved in liquid first--you just add it to the dry ingredients. Look for it in the dairy case--it's usually sold in strips of three packages or in 4-ounce jars. Before buying it, check the expiration date to make sure it's fresh.

Equivalents: One package = 2¼ teaspoons = ¼ ounce


  • Active dry yeast – Substitute measure for measure. Active dry yeast needs to be dissolved in water first, and the bread will need to rise more than once.
  • Bread machine yeast – very similar; substitute measure for measure.
  • Fresh yeast – Substitute one cake for each package or 2¼ teaspoons of dry yeast. This needs to be dissolved in water first, and the bread will need to rise more than once.

Storage Edit

Dry yeast can be stored at room temperature until the expiration date stamped on the jar, but it lasts even longer in the refrigerator.

Instant yeast Recipes Edit

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