Huntsman English cheese

A combination of Double Gloucester cheese layered and alternating with layers of Stilton blue cheese. Gloucester cheese is an English cheese that historically was made only with the milk from Gloucester cows, which are now almost extinct. There are two types of Gloucester cheese: Single and Double. The main difference is that Single Gloucester is made with skim milk and Double Gloucester is made from whole milk. The Stilton cheese is an English blue cheese that is made from the whole milk of cows and then aged from several months to an average of four to five months or longer, becoming more flavorful with age. While it is aged, it is pierced with stainless steel needles several times to encourage the growth of mold that creates the yellow interior with blue-green veins and a crusty rind. Stilton is rich and creamy but a little crumbly, with a light tangy nutty flavor that becomes stronger with age.

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