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Honey-baked Beans with Bacon, Onions and Cheese

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Honey Baked beans With Bacon, onions And Cheese

Combine First 7 Ingredients in an Ovenproof Casserole And Stir Until Nicely Mixed. Cover Casserole And Bake in a 350 Oven For About 1 1/2 Hours or Until Bean Mixture is Thickened. Can be Held at This Point. Before Serving, Heat Casserole Through in a 350 Oven. Stir Together sour cream, Cheddar Cheese And green onions Until Blended. Spread Mixture Over beans And Return Casserole to Oven, Uncovered. Bake Another 15 Minutes or Until Cheese is Melted. Serve as an Accompaniment to Hamburgers, Barbecued Beef or Pork. Serves 8

Source: With Love From Darling's Kitchen

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