Name Variations Edit

  • thick yellow noodles

About Hokkien noodles Edit

Wikipedia Article About Hokkien noodles on Wikipedia

Hokkien mee (Simplified Chinese: 福建面; Traditional Chinese: 福建麵; Pronunciation in Mandarin: Fújiàn miàn), meaning Fujian noodles, refers to either prawn noodles or fried noodles cooked hokkien (fujian) style. Hokkien mee is served in Malaysia and Singapore and is created by immigrants from Fujian Province, China.

Thick, meaty fresh egg noodles that are popular for stir frying because their size allows them to pick up more sauce and provide more flavor. They are long strands of thick spaghetti-like noodles. Sold fresh or in vacuum sealed packages.

Hokkien noodle Recipes Edit

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