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Welcome to the Hanukkah Holiday Corner! This is your resource for everything related to Hanukkah. Browse our other Wikia holiday corners for more ideas!

  1. Slow-cooked Brisket
  2. Latkes
  3. Apple and Noodle Kugel
  4. Potato Kugel
  1. Rugelach
  2. Jelly Donuts
  3. Honey Bread
  4. Butterhorns
  1. Menorah Nails
  2. Hanukkah Nails
  3. Dreidel Nails
  4. Candle Nails
  1. Button Menorah Candles
  2. Hand Paint Menorahs
  3. Themed Place Cards
  4. Monogrammed Bags

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