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Ruby red grapefruit juice

About Grapefruit juice Edit

Wikipedia Article About Grapefruit juice on Wikipedia

Grapefruit juice is the fruit juice coming from grapefruits. It is rich with Vitamin C and is slightly sour. Variations include pink and ruby red grapefruit juice. The juice from a grapefruit which is made into a beverage that is generally served at breakfast, as a snack or for use in cocktails. Typical of many juices, this beverage is available in a variety of flavors and types, prepared and packaged in cartons, plastic containers and bottles, or as frozen concentrate.

Uses & Tips Edit

  • Blend grapefruit juice with fresh fruit, yogurt, and ice to make a fruit smoothie.
  • Mix ½ cup juice with ½ cup sparkling water for a sparkling soda.

Grapefruit juice Recipes Edit

Sources Edit

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