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Special diet to keep healthy

Generally persons with heart ailments are advised by doctors to avoid any fatty substances as they are likely to cause further damage to the heart. Hence this preparation is best suited for such persons. Moreover, persons who are on a dieting spree can have this salad without any hesitatio


Gram Sprout - Pomegranate Salad

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Soak green gram overnight and drain the excess water the next morning. After draining transfer it to a casserole and leave for a day to allow the green gram to sprout. Keep tossing it once in a while. Peel the cucumber and carrot. Chop the cucumber finely and grate the carrot. Drop all the ingredients, namely sprouts, chopped cucumber, grated carrot, mint and coriander leaves, lime juice, pomegranate seeds and salt, in a broad container and mix well & serve.

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