Name variations Edit

  • lambsquarter
  • lambsquarters
  • lamb's quarter
  • lamb's quarters

About goosefoot Edit

Goosefoot, or lambsquarters, is a close cousin to spinach, but far, far more nutritious. It ranks right up there with dandelion, watercress and nettles as one of nature’s nutritional powerhouses. It has a mild, green flavor like our domestic greens. In fact it is a relative of Swiss chard, beets and a few exotic garden greens like orach, all in the Chenopodium family.

There are several types of edible goosefoot:

  • Epazote (Chenopodium ambrosioides), used in Southern Mexico and Central America
  • White goosefoot (Chenopodium album), used in Europe
  • Pitseed goosefoot (Chenopodium berlandieri), used in North America

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