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Name Variations Edit

  • fermented chili paste

About Gochujang Edit

Gochujang (Korean: 고추장, IPA: [kó.tɕʰu.tɕaŋ]) is a savory and pungent fermented Korean condiment. Traditionally, it has been naturally fermented over years in large earthen pots outdoors, more often on an elevated stone platform, called jangdokdae (장독대) in the backyard.

Gochujang's primary ingredients are red chili powder, glutinous rice powder mixed with powdered fermented soybeans, and salt. Major substitutes for the main ingredient, glutinous rice (hangul: 찹쌀), include normal short-grain rice (hangul: 멥쌀), and barley, and less frequently, whole wheat kernels, jujubes, pumpkin, and sweet potato; these ingredients are used to make specialty variations. A small amount of sweetener such as sugar, syrup, or honey is also sometimes added. It is a dark, reddish paste with a rich, piquant flavour.

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