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Ghost Cake and Variations

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                       Ghost Cake and Variations

                       Chocolate frosted sheet cake
                       Vanilla squirt frosting
 2                     empty egg shell halves
 2                     sugar cubes
                       lemon or peppermint extract
                       Draw a ghost shape on cake with vanilla frosting. Place 2 clean -- empty eggshell halves for the eyes. Place a sugar cube in each eggshell. At serving time -- saturate sugar cubes with extract. Lower room lights, and light sugar cubes  with match. The ghost will have glowing eyes. They will burn out in a short  time. Be sure to explain that only adults can light the sugar cubes.

Can also do this with a white free form ghost cake.

Skeleton Cake: Use idea above -- but draw a skeleton on a chocolate sheet cake and have the skeleton's eyes glow.

Jack O. Lantern Cake: Use idea above -- but use a round jack-o'-lantern cake and frost with orange frosting. Draw features with chocolate squirt frosting. Let his eyes glow.

Eternal Flame Cake: Use idea above -- but with a heart shaped cake. For Bake Sales -- prepare these and sell with eggshells and sugar cubes in place and instructions on how to add extract to the sugar cube for the flaming effect.

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