Name Variations Edit

  • Laos
  • java root
  • galingale
  • lengkuas
  • kha

About Galangal Edit

Galangal, Alpinia galanga, grows from rhizomes in clumps of stiff stalks up to 6½ feet tall, with abundant long leaves and bearing red fruit. It is native to Southeast Asia and is cultivated in Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand, where it features frequently in their cuisines.

The creamy white fleshed rhizome in the ginger family is primarily used as a seasoning. It has a mild, sharp-sweet, resinous flavor suggesting a blend of black pepper and pine needles.

It is also known as in English as greater galangal, Thai ginger, Siamese ginger and Laos ginger. In Indonesian and Malay it is called laos and lengkuas; in Thai it is kha.

Galangal Recipes Edit

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