Name Variations Edit

  • eaux de vie
  • eaux-de-vie
  • aqua vitæ
  • aqua vitae
  • white alcohol
  • white spirits

About Fruit brandies Edit

Wikipedia Article About Fruit brandies on Wikipedia

Fruit brandies are distilled from fruits other than grapes. Apple, plum, peach, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, and apricot are the most commonly used fruit. Fruit brandy is usually clear, 80 to 90 proof, and usually drunk chilled or over ice.

Calvados is an apple brandy from the French region of Lower Normandy. Apple is pressed into cider, fermented with yeast and double distilled.

Kirschwasser is a fruit brandy made from cherries.

Slivovitz is a fruit brandy made from plums.

Fruit brandy Recipes Edit

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