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Frozen Christmas Wreath

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Description Edit

  • Makes: 1 ring

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Freeze this floating ring in stage so decoration don"t rise to the top and add to a holiday punch bowl.
  2. Never use real holly; it is poisonous.
  3. In a 10 inch ring mold, freeze ¼ inch water until solid.
  4. Pour ⅛" cluster of 3 cranberries around inner edge of mould and freeze till solid.
  5. Repeat with second ⅛th inch layer of water and cranberries around outer edge of mould; freeze.
  6. Repeat water layer; arrange tiny clusters of mint and single leaves face down among berry clusters to look like holly.
  7. Freeze.
  8. Using stripper and working from top to bottom, cut 8 evenly spaced ridges out of rind of each lemon; cut each lemon into 8 thin rounds.
  9. Pour ⅛ inch water into mould; arrange overlapping lemon slices all around mould.
  10. Tuck in mint leaves, face down; freeze.
  11. Repeat pouring in water; arrange ring of cranberries against outer edge of mould and freeze.
  12. If necessary pour in water to top of mould; freeze.
  13. To unmould, dip ring into cold water for 30 seconds; invert on plate and unmould.
  14. Slide into punch, rounded side up.

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