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Fried Norwegian Cookies

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Fried Norwegian Cookies

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Beat eggs and sugar in large bowl.
  2. Beat in butter, milk and vanilla.
  3. Gradually add 1½ cups flour.
  4. Beat at low speed.
  5. Stir in remaining flour.
  6. Divide dough into 4 portions; cover and refrigerate.
  7. Shape 1 portion dough at a time into 1-inch-thick square.
  8. Place dough on lightly floured surface.
  9. Roll out dough to 11-inch square.
  10. Cut dough into 1¼-inch strips; cut strips diagonally at 2-inch intervals.
  11. Cut 1¼-inch slit vertically down center of each strip.
  12. Insert one end of strip through cut to form twist.
  13. Heat oil in large saucepan to 365°F.
  14. Place 12 cookies at a time in hot oil.
  15. Fry about 1½ minutes, turning cookies once with slotted spoon.
  16. Drain on paper towels.
  17. Dust cookies with powdered sugar.

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